Interesting Investigation

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Interesting Investigation

After walking around at Barrington Tops on the search for some brumbies (which we eventually found) I came across the skeleton of a brumby scattered and half burried on the ground.

Believe it or not; but this section of the brumby’s jaw can determine alot about the brumby, including age and sex.

  • The 3rd molar circled in blue is not completly erupted which takes place around the age of 3.5-4yrs of age.
  •  The premolars and molars 1& 2 exhibit the baby teeth/caps (the dark discolouring) shedding
    which occurs from 2.5yrs of age.
  • The 2 teeth circled in purple is the very beginnings of canine teeth which are present in male horses. However, can appear in mares in very few cases.

Ultimately from my observations I believe that this brumby was a colt at approximately the age of 3.

I hope you have enjoyed my interesting investigation!